At weekly High Point Market, American bedding producer Eclipse International will launch its Natural Dreams Pure Talalay range. This series is planned into 3 segments and embarrass mattresses made with all-natural Talalay latex and is hand-made in the United States.

Mattresses fabricated with a blend of herbal Talalay latex, natural cotton, and natural wool are split into 3 groups: Tufted, Classic, and Hybrid. The latex is created from sap sustainably, removed from rubber saplings, and goes after the Rainforest Alliance contract, which is a bunch of social, environmental, and profitable demands. It’s hypoallergenic, breathable, odorless, mold, and dirt particle defiant.

The Global Organic Textile Standard and OEKO-TEX have each authorized cotton and wool as all-habitual. The Hybrid group’s independently pocketed coils are embraced from renewable metal that has been triple-tempered for relief and strength.