Summertime sees a decline in digital ads; leading advertisers are in e-commerce & entertainment.

Published: December 26, 2023

According to a report by TAM Media’s AdEx unit, the digital advertising market in India experienced a 10% sequential fall in the July-September quarter, despite a 30% year-over-year growth.

Ad impressions increased by a noteworthy 60% on a quarter-over-quarter basis in the three months leading up to June 2023. But this momentum was not maintained in the July–September period that followed, with a mere 43% growth for the first three months of the year.

Ad impressions provide important information about the state of advertising since they are computed using digital media analytics. According to the survey, services and computers continued to lead the market, accounting for 51% and 11% of the shares of ad impressions, respectively. Additionally, the automotive industry became more well-known, taking third place with 5% of all ad impressions during the quarter in question. During this period, the top 10 sectors accounted for an astounding 86% of all ad impressions, indicating the focus of advertising efforts on a limited number of industries.

A new major player in the top 10, the retail industry highlights the increasing importance of direct consumer connection via internet channels.

In India, desktop display advertising continues to be the most popular platform, generating 46% of impressions between July and September, while in-app display accounted for 16% of impressions. With a 44% stake, X, formerly known as Twitter, led the publishers, followed by YouTube with a 12% share.

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