Dyntex, developer and manufacturer of functional materials based in Bregenz, Austria, has launched two world premieres: DYNTEX® Biodegradable is the world’s first ultralight functional fabric that only takes five years to biodegrade. Dyntex® Biological Origin is also ultralight and made entirely from bio-based raw materials. Leading premium manufacturers of athletic and lifestyle clothing have already expressed their interest in the fabrics.

Environmentally Friendly, Functional Textiles Made of Biosynthetic Yarn and Biodegradable Fabric

Working with specialists from Japan and Italy, Dyntex invested three years into the development of these two extraordinary biosynthetic fabrics. Dyntex CEO Mathias Braun is convinced that “they have what it takes to revolutionize the market for environmentally friendly functional fabrics. Our fabrics set new standards when it comes to athletic, outdoor, and lifestyle apparel.” Premium manufacturers have already shown great interest after initial talks.

Biodegradable in Only Five Years

Dyntex® Biodegradable is the first ultralight functional fabric that is completely biodegradable in just five years. The yarn made of the high-tech polyamide Amni Soul Eco® makes it possible to produce fabrics of the highest quality that weigh only 38 grams per square meter. In addition, they are water-repellent, breathable, fluorocarbon-free, and extremely durable, even under heavy use. With one-of-a-kind tactile properties and exceptional looks, they are perfect for stylish functional clothing.

In a landfill, functional textiles made of Dyntex® Biodegradable materials decompose into CO2, methane, and biomass within just five years – this was verified in a US laboratory that tested anaerobic biodegradation pursuant to the international ASTM D5511 (ISO 15985) standard. Standard polyamides typically take ten times longer to biodegrade. When combined with a biodegradable lining, this makes it possible to manufacture fully biodegradable products.

Completely Organic Yarn

Dyntex® Biological Origin is made entirely from renewable resources, with the castor oil plant serving as the basis for the ultralight functional fabric. A bio-polymer is extracted from the plant that is then used to produce a particularly high-quality yarn. In a special manufacturing process, DYNTEX® uses this yarn to produce ultralight functional fabrics of the highest quality with one-of-a-kind tactile properties and exceptional looks. With this newly developed collection of materials, manufacturers can completely eliminate the use of fossil resources.

The castor oil plant is the perfect raw material for such fabrics. It grows in arid, nutrient-poor soil, requires little water, and is not edible. This means the castor oil plant does not compete with the cultivation of food crops in the agricultural industry.

Environmentally Friendly and of the Highest Quality

According to Dyntex CEO Mathias Braun, the newly developed fabric collection “plays a critical role in protecting the environment for future generations.” Accordingly, he sees tremendous opportunities in the rapidly growing market for environmentally friendly functional textiles. An Italian fashion label will already be releasing the first jackets made with Dyntex fabrics in January.