Industrial Asset Recovery Group (IARG) has announced the liquidation of chemical plants formerly operated by Emerald Performance Materials in Henry, Illinois. The plant officially terminated operations in 2021. Emerald Performance Materials was a producer made up of special chemical products for flavors, fragrances, food, beverage, personal, household care.

Buyers have the opportunity to capture complete processing units and chemical operations previously used in the manufacture of antioxidants, accelerators, and specialty chemicals used in tire production and applications in the rubbers and elastomers industry. Available inventory includes specialty equipment used in accelerator processing, antioxidant processing, additives manufacturing, NaMBT & Nash manufacturing, and a large tank farm used throughout operations at the facility.

The first plant is an accelerator processing plant. It is an 18,000 square/feet chemical plant used to manufacture Cure-Rite 18, an efficient thiocarbonyl sulfonamide rubber accelerator used in applications such as road tires, molded goods, hoses, and conveyor belts. The second one is an antioxidant processing plant. It is a 10,000 sq/ft chemical plant that was used to manufacture Good-Rite 3114, a high-purity antioxidant used in agriculture films and membranes, roto-molded goods, demanding wire and cable applications, polyolefin manufacturing, and other rubber products.

The third one is an additives manufacturing plant. The 38,000 square/feet chemical plant was used to manufacture multiple chemical products, such as StaLite, VanLube, 9317, and 50 percent NaMBT. StaLite is an additive to general-purpose antioxidants for elastomers. Valuable is a lubricator used as an oxidation inhibitor and metal deactivator. 9317 is an amine antioxidant designed to enable high-temperature performance in synthetic lubricants. 50 percent NaMBT is a solution of sodium salt used in the manufacturing of tires and similar mechanical rubber goods products.

The fourth plant is a NaMBT & NaSH manufacturing plant. The 4,000 square/feet chemical plant was used to manufacture Good-Rite NaMBT & NaSH. These chemical products are aqueous solutions used as corrosion inhibitors, chemical intermediates, binding, processing, and dyes. Primary applications include wood pulping, mining/ore processing, chemical dyes, antifreeze, coolants, refrigeration, and similar uses.

“This is a rare opportunity to acquire intact and complete processing units for chemical manufacturing. These chemical plants are filled with high-quality specialty equipment which can be inserted lockstep with existing operations,” Stuart Millner, president at IARG said in a statement.