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Greenhouse Gases Reduced by DyeCoo and CleanDye CO2 Dyeing Technology

Published: September 27, 2023

An independent lifecycle assessment (LCA) commissioned by Adidas reveals that CleanDye’s operation in Vietnam, using DyeCoo’s waterless dying method, produces 58 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional textile dyeing providers.

In an effort to find and validate low carbon textile colouring processes, Adidas commissioned the LCA.

Sustainable fashion is dependent on technology like DyeCoo’s supercritical CO2 dyeing, which reduces both carbon emissions and water pollution. Brands like Adidas are reshaping the apparel business to meet climate issues. Adidas will integrate CO2 colouring throughout their supply chain in light of these findings.

Sphera, an independent consultant with a track record of generating trustworthy sustainability assessments for a variety of industries, carried out the LCA. Sphera determined that CleanDye and DyeCoo’s waterless dyeing technique produced a 58 percent less carbon footprint than traditional cloth dyeing technologies when compared to three of Adidas’ traditional fabric vendors.

This report comes at a time when businesses all over the world—manufacturers in Turkey, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, and Central America, as well as major global brands and retailers looking to lessen their carbon footprint in the next years—are becoming more interested in DyeCoo’s technology. At ITMA, the largest international textile and apparel technology expo, which took place in Italy in June, DyeCoo received positive response. In addition to a larger totally electric CO2 dyeing equipment suitable for small-scale manufacturing and sampling, DyeCoo also unveiled a cutting-edge lab system for research and development during the expo.

Kasper Nossent, commercial director at DyeCoo, stated, “We are happy about this report—and that CO2 dyeing is gaining pace in textile industry. ”

In addition to having a substantial positive influence on sustainability, DyeCoo’s CO2 dyeing technique offers a wide colour spectrum and extremely high batch-to-batch consistency in bulk manufacturing, all without sacrificing quality or price.

CEO of CleanDye Simon Weston stated, “The LCA is also a testament to our Vietnam facility, where we use DyeCoo technology to deliver high-quality, sustainably manufactured fabric at competitive prices.”

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