A new ecologically friendly process has been used by Pincroft, a British textile dyer, printer, and finisher, for the finishing of fabrics for a variety of industries and uses.

Baldwin Technology Co. Inc., a business founded in 1918 with a US base of operations and a global reach, designed this innovative equipment. The TexCoat G4 is a precision spray machine designed and made in Europe that, as mentioned in a recent Pincroft’s announcement on military fabric finishing, not only offers excellent sustainable aspects, such as the reduction on water, chemical, and energy usage, but also the flexibility to adapt to the customer’s needs in terms of single- and double-sided finish application.

Pincroft may save up to 20% of the finishing chemistry because to the new machine’s eco-friendly features, which also eliminate waste, require no colour changes, and do not require routine pad replacements. The increased chemical concentration also results in a 50% reduction in water consumption. By using this revolutionary Pincroft technology, productivity is increased by 50%, with the higher line speed made possible by the decreased wet pick up.

With a greater line speed and more effective use of the stenter, the Texcoat G4 also significantly reduces energy usage. Additionally, the machine uses less electricity than a pad does—less than 10%.

Versatile textile finishing solution

With precision valve technology and improved software algorithms, Pincroft’s new non-contact textile finishing equipment ensures exact and even finish coverage with almost no waste.

Use of Pincroft’s Texcoat G4 is possible for a variety of fabric finishes, including flame retardancy, antimicrobial, wrinkle resistance, water repellency, stain and soil release, and vector protection (permethrin), to mention a few.

The equipment’s capacity to provide single- and double-sided finishing for fabrics in sectors like automotive, aerospace, defence, home furnishings, oil and gas, mining, and utilities is another example of its versatility.

The acquisition of this new precision spray technology, according to Pincroft’s Technical Manager Ian Rawcliffe, “represents our dedication to the environment, clients, and the investment in our facilities to be at the forefront of the most cutting-edge innovations the market has to offer. Customers can be confident that their fabrics are being treated to the highest standards while reducing their environmental effect by using the TexCoat G4.

For many years before joining Baldwin, Ian and Pincroft. Pincroft is known for seeking out the most cutting-edge technology available, and the company’s evaluation and use of TexCoat G4 was no exception. We appreciate Pincroft, one of the industry’s leading producers of high-performance technical fabrics, putting their faith in us to help them reduce their carbon footprint while still delivering on the performance demands of their most discerning customers.