Durak Tekstil responds to the increasing demand in the hotel and accommodation sector and in the field of protective clothing with its flame retardant aramid thread types included in its portfolio. High performance Durak Fire Safe P-Aramid® and Durak Fire Safe M-Aramid® sewing threads with 28 different colours provide confidence to textile manufacturers with successful results obtained from international fireproof tests.

In addition to common fibres such as cotton, wool, polyester that we use in our clothing and home textile products, special fibres are also needed for more technical applications. Textile fibres can now offer successful solutions for demanding and vital jobs. Demand for aramid fibres and threads has been increasing rapidly in recent years for use in heat resistant, flame retardant textiles. According to a market research, the global aramid fibre market in 2019 reached a value of 3.6 billion dollars with an annual growth of 8.2%. Developed countries, especially the USA, are using aramid threads as a preventative solution in the fight against fires, especially in hotels and accommodation facilities. Predicting that the US aramid fibre market will reach 1.4 billion dollars by 2027 with a serious increase the research reveals the potential.

A polymer from the polyamide class, the Aramid fibre has been providing high strength and heat resistance in textile products with its strength close to steel since the 1960s. Aramid fibre draws attention with its flame retardant feature, and has two types as para aramid in full crystal structure and meta aramid in semicrystalline structure. Due to its high resistance to heat, aramid threads have a growing market in applications such as fire and heat safety. Aramid fibres and threads with a high melting point can be used safely in places with their properties such as heat resistance, superior strength against breakage and non-conductivity where other synthetic fibres cannot be used.

Used as sewing threads in the bedding industry due to their delayed ignition feature, aramid threads seriously prevent flash fires and fires engulfing a whole location. Fire-related deaths in cases of falling asleep while smoking in the USA are also reflected in official reports. According to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) data, smoking ranks first with 23% in deaths caused by house fires between 2014 and 2018. The aramid threads used in edge closing stitches in the mattress industry slow down the spread of fire, creating time for safe intervention. In addition, aramid threads used in the clothing of firefighters and security forces play a life-saving role.

Durak Tekstil aramid thread portfolio eases technical jobs
Durak Tekstil, Turkey’s largest industrial sewing and embroidery threads manufacturer, carries out serious research in the field of aramid threads and offers innovative solutions to the global market in this regard. Producing para aramid threads for the bedding industry, Durak Tekstil appeals to a large market with its threads produced from meta aramid for protective clothing. DURAK Fire Safe P-Aramid® threads produced in accordance with EN ISO 15025 and EN ISO 6941 fireproofing tests are used in bedding industry with edge closing application, while Durak Fire Safe M-Aramid® threads are preferred in flame retardant embroidery applications, work clothes and anti-ballistic uniforms, industrial protective gloves.

Durak Fire Safe P-Aramid® threads make beds safer
Durak Tekstil offers Durak Fire Safe P-Aramid® thread, produced from 100% staple fibre para aramid raw material, in two different thicknesses, tex40 and tex60. These threads have a superior heat resistance of 500 °C compared to meta aramids and are not dyeable, and they are used in textiles with their natural straw yellow colours. Since these threads are not dyed, they are also sensitive to UV rays, they can be used safely in the seams of firefighter, work and military clothing, especially in the bedding sector. Durak Fire Safe P-Aramid® threads, which are sensitive to light, are offered to customers in black packages that are opaque to light. Moreover, these threads lose only half of their strength when exposed to UV rays for 40 to 60 weeks. In addition, Durak Fire Safe P-Aramid WR thread in this series prevents water from being carried through the needle hole into the textile with its superior water-proof coating feature.

Colour solution for protective clothing; Durak Fire Safe M- Aramid®
Durak Fire Safe M-Aramid® threads, offered to textile manufacturers in various colours with a special dyeing, also gain resistance against UV rays thanks to this process. Durak Fire Safe M-Aramid® threads, produced in tex26, tex40 and tex70 thicknesses for outerwear and outdoor applications, can withstand temperatures up to 370 °C. Developed by Durak Tekstil Design Centre, these special aramid threads, which have 28 different colour options, provide optimum hairiness level and advanced sewing and embroidery appearance with their special oils and regular structure that increase sewing performance.

Durak Fire Safe M-Aramid® threads show a high resistance against flame, heat and electrical sparks, and do not lose their late ignition feature even after repeated washing and guarantee a long service life. In addition, Durak Fire Safe M-Aramid WR thread, which has a PFC-free water-repellent coating, is an excellent solution for textile applications that require water repellence.

Aramid threads are in the category of value-added products in Durak Tekstil’s product portfolio, and they offer technical applicability, quality and safety, which the textile industry seeks, both in production processes and usage afterwards.

Manali bhanushali
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