For DTF printers wishing to produce a professionally printed product with consistent, brilliant colours on a variety of textiles, Artistri® P1600 inks are the best option. The Artistri® P1600 DTF ink set enables profiling with a smaller ink volume, boosting productivity and efficiency while keeping equipment cleaner for longer. The Artistri® P1600’s adaptability is demonstrated in a variety of applications, including printing on cotton, blends, and especially polyester, allowing printers access to a premium ink product for printing on a variety of clothing materials.

General Manager for DuPontTM Artistri® Digital Inks Tucker Norton stated: “With Artistri® P1600 DTF inks, garment decorators will not only benefit from vividly printed materials but also from these water-based inks’ capacity to support their sustainability objectives. Inks for the P1600 were created utilising safer by design principles. are categorised as non-hazardous under GHS and are HAPS (hazardous air pollutants) free in order to analyse and evaluate any potential environmental concerns. All of this is made possible by DuPont’s in-depth expertise in ink formulation, which we combine with our best-in-class product stewardship and production to provide a compatible and dependable solution that elevates the standard of DTF printing.

The print quality of Artistri® water-based inks will be demonstrated live at the ColorJet booth throughout the event, and the most recent print design samples from BYDi and ROQ will be on display at the Artistri® booth. The Artistri® team’s subject matter experts will also go over new developments in white inks that provide best-in-class opacity, stretch, and shelf life.

For DTG (direct-to-garment) Artistri® P5500 pigment DTG inks, roll-to-roll (RTR) printing, Artistri® P2700, P3600 pigment inks, and Artistri® S1500 and S2500 dye sublimation inks will all be available at the booth.

“Digital printing with pigment inks is gaining more traction in textile printing due to minimal water usage, which means a lower environmental footprint as it doesn’t require steaming and washing steps in the printing process,” Gary Weyman, EMEA Business Leader for DuPontTM Artistri® Digital Inks, stated. Our goal is to provide ink innovations that promote sustainable textile printing, and the fact that our pigment inks have received the OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT certification with ZDHC MRSL Conformance Level 3 makes it possible for textile printers to work in safer conditions. DuPont’s latest ink innovations supportour commitment to pigment inks as the sustainable choice and as our vision for the future of digital textile printing.”