A pioneer of textile technology, Drirelease, has launched the Digital Fabric Catalog. Inspired by nature and beauty, Drirelease fabrics instil a sense of comfort giving natural and inherent benefits, using no chemical performance treatments. The engineered blend of fibres optimises the wicking, drying, soft feel, and comfort of all fabrics, naturally.

One can access the Drirelease Digital Fabric Catalog from anyplace, anytime. We can select the fabrics we like and request swatches to help in creating your next line. The catalogue contains a wide variety of Drirelease blends, constructions, textures, and aesthetics from mill partners around the world. We can select the fabrics we like and request swatches via email referencing their catalogue number, according to a press release by Performance Days. An innovative technology that lets you move more comfortably, the special Multi-denier and Multi-staple length fibres of Drirelease provide the ideal balance of performance and natural feel. The unique blend accelerates the water release rate of fabrics, pushing water and perspiration through to the outside of the garment into the air and offers a natural aesthetic unmatched among performance textiles.