State Bank of India has tried bringing relief to various account holder in this pandemic. India’s largest lender has introduced doorstep SBI ATM service for its customers. This move will bring the much-needed social distancing between customer in this Covid-19 pandemic.

State Bank of India has introduced doorstep ATM service for its customers. Any customer who needs cash just needs to send a Whatsapp message or make a call to SBI, and a mobile ATM will come to your location. This service has currently been offered to the citizens in Lucknow by Ajay Kumar Khanna, Chief General Manager of the Lucknow Circle, State Bank of India.

A tweet had been made about this saying, “This Independence Day TheOfficialSBI for the Lucknowites has introduced the facility of Mobile ATM at their doorstep. Just dial or WhatsApp to let us know and we will do the rest.” SBI has been offering a host of Doorstep Banking service (DBS) since 2018, this service was available at selected branches only.

The bank website says that senior citizens of more than 70 years of age and differently able or infirm persons i.e. having medically certified chronic illness or disability. This also includes visually impaired, and thus this service will be available to all these people. All these services will be provided to the holders having full KYC accounts with valid mobile numbers which are in place registered with their accounts.

The amount of cash withdrawal and deposit is limited to Rs. 20,000 per transaction per day. SBI will take service charges per visit for Non-financial transactions which is Rs 60+GST and Rs100+GST for financial transactions. Withdrawal will be permitted using cheque / withdrawal form with Passbook. The delivery would be completed on best effort basis but not later than T+1 working day (holidays excluded). Customers having registered address within a radius of 5 Kms from the Home Branch will be able to avail the services.

the bank allows 8 free transactions to its regular savings account holders to transact in a month in metro cities. These include free transactions from 5 SBI ATM’s and 3 ATM’s of any other bank. Non-metro cities get 10 free ATM transactions, in which 5 transactions can be made from SBI, while 5 from other banks ATM. Doorstep banking service includes cash pickup, cash delivery, cheque pickup, cheque requisition slip pickup, form 15H pickup, delivery of drafts, delivery of term deposit advice, life certificate pickup and KYC documents pickup.



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