A digital product passport for a full product transparency that  enables brands to understand the impact of their decisions and  accelerate impact reduction. 

ColorDigital GmbH, with its interactive collaboration platform DMIx, is proud  to announce that Made2flow’s environmental impact measurement solution  is offered as a new, optional module to DMIx. 

Based on data gathered in DMIx master-data module “PaX” – the module  called “DMIx ImpAct” delivers impact measurement values based on  Made2flow’s unique data & technology. DMIx can now offer brands the ability  to seamlessly source fabrics and trims according to their environmental  impact, supporting their preferred material strategy 

With the addition of this new Made2flow plugin, you can track impact  measurement (CO2, water usage, land use and more) based on a scientific  data analysis, LCA framework, ReCiPe midpoint calculations. The  environmental impact is measured across the supply chain, unlocking fabric  data and its suppliers (tier 2 and beyond). The technology will deliver a  personalized environmental impact calculation based on a high level of  primary data, identify impact hotspots across the supply chain and ultimately  empower designers to design low impact products. 

Both companies deliver solutions that help the industry become more  sustainable and reduce its environmental footprint through digital  automations, unique data validation technology,and standardized data  collection. 

“ImpAct for DMIx is the perfect example on how we enable our clients to use  their allready existing data to empower their products and enable transparency based on valid facts.” says Gerd Willschütz, COO at  ColorDigital. 

“This exciting collaboration will enable brands to gain access to transparent, science-based environmental data of their fabric suppliers  and beyond in a seamless manner, leading them to reach their Science Based Targets easier and faster” Tal Shogol, CEO of Made2flow 

About Made2flow 

Made2flow is a data company that enables fashion brands to personalize  environmental impact calculations at an SKU level in a transparent manner. The company uses proprietary technology to map the supply chain and  automate data gathering directly from the production partners. Data is then validated, benchmarked, and translated into environmental  impact indicators such as CO2, water, land-use, etc. 

Made2Flow serves leading fashion retailers, brands, and suppliers and allows  them to increase primary data, gain oversight over their impact hotspots and  share the results with consumers in an engaging way. 

Its methodology has been verified by Quantis International and the impact calculations comply with the PEFCR regulation. 

About DMIx 

ColorDigital GmbH is the company behind DMIx, a unique ecosystem offering  seamless digital interaction between brands and suppliers in the fashion and  lifestyle industry. The DMIx platform enables all stakeholders to transform  from physical to virtual collection development with real-time digital  exchange of designs, using technology that reproduces colors and textures  as close to reality as possible. Offering digital twin technology, human  avatars and real-time master data,DMIx enables a collaboration with major  design software applications and PLM solutions. Not only does this reduce  costs and time in the product development process, but it also minimises  environmental footprint by controlling lab dipping and bulk production, thus  reducing the vast number of samples and prototypes traditionally used.The  innovative DMIx Software-as-a-Service solution creates new digitized levels of  interaction and collaboration between brands and suppliers, encouraging full  product transparency and quality in a color-and appearance-controlled  environment.The company, based in Cologne, Germany, works with over 300  customers in the textiles, paint, plastics, dyeing, printing and packaging  markets is devoted to support sustainable development and workflows for a  better industry: better for brands, suppliers and the planet.