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DIY Ideas for 2020 Home Décor

Published: August 10, 2020


Every Year something Introduced and Decline in Home and fashion industry. If you are a Trendsetter then these people must also belong from high-end society who always want to make their house updated. But the people who are from the middle class would be a little anxious because their home is going to be outdated.

This Year seems like it is more inclined towards natural and earthy elements. Whether its about color or furniture. Lot’s of warm natural woods, dramatic color pops, and warm white’s with a clean black contrast. Home is becoming your more relax and comfort zone. As this year everyone has been lockdown and spending more time in their houses. People are also focusing on their comfort zone to make it adorn so that work from home also continues well.


“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” And first, we have to start this from our home. We always tried to make it more complicated and over-decorated, which has to stop.


Light tones furniture and flooring which are natural, wood tones and live healthy plants make your home more lively. Add a few natural wood toned items such as baskets, wooden cutting boards, wicker chairs and even replace some of your existing lighting into basket pendants for an earthy look!

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