Male domination is around all the sector even in todays time. The fashion Industry especially in India has been ruled by some male designers who have become household names like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi Mukherjee. In this space there is one woman who has created her space and has come up as a top-notch brand in recent years. It is none other than Dimple Mehta. She is the founder and CEO of DimpleAmrin, It’s a luxury fashion label that takes inspiration from the roots of India’s beauty and as well as modern metropolitans culture of the globe. The company works under two brands known as Dimple Mehta Collection for indian bridal wear and DimpleAmrin for elite luxury haute couture.
Dimple Mehta’s vision was to make the perfect blend of global culture by keeping the essence of India at its core; being traditional yet modern which worked perfectly according to the present time and taste of people. With her unique but effective vision on modern-day fashion, she has marked and established herself as a unique individual and has created a progressive brand, and has had fashion shows all around the globe. One of the reasons for her popularity in Bollywood is due to her associations with celebrities and high profile individuals because of her work.
Upon establishing herself In the industry, Dimple Mehta has emerged as one of the topmost fashion influencers and icons. She has styled, groomed, and prepared many celebrities including the beauty pageants like Nehal Chudasama and  Adline Castellino. Both the girls have presented India in the Miss Universe pageant in 2018 and 2020. Alongside all of this, she is also a music video and short film producer, makeup artist and also has a degree in PR and Graphic Design. In her philanthropic activities, she has contributed to building a clinic for the underprivileged in Mumbai. She has come a long way and now is rocking in the fashion industry. Dimple’s hardwork and dedication is exceptional,she has become an inspiration for all the budding designers.

Nikhil Shinde