Global Fashion Agenda, a leadership forum on sustainability and fashion, launched a new concept CFS+, an appealing and entertaining platform that will go live on October 12th and 13th 2020. Copenhagen Fashion Summit, leading business event on sustainability and fashion was postponed because of global pandemic COVID-19.

CFS+ will bring together industry leaders and diverse voices from around the globe to discuss and address the numerous challenges confronting our industry, and the crucial role sustainability has to play in rebuilding a more resilient and inclusive future, according to a press release by the Global Fashion Agenda.

While digital by design, CFS+ aims to deliver an entirely new approach to storytelling, adjusted for your time and viewing patterns. CFS+ will bring to life stories that champion the intersection of fashion and sustainability and the people and perspectives driving our industry forward.

CFS+ will also feature a premium showroom and meeting place for the leading sustainability solutions and innovators, providing the opportunity to experience live sessions, workshops, high-level roundtables, and matchmaking.