Mexican company Desserto has won another International Sustainability Award. It has now become the winner of the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week 2020 (MCFW) edition, which is the official fashion event of the Principality of Monaco held under the patronage of MSM, Princess Charlene of Monaco in which Monte- Carlo Fashion Awards are included. .

Federica Nardoni Spinetta, creator of MCFW, founder of the Chamber Monagasc de la Mode (CMM) and deputy director of Vogue Italia, the fashion council of the Principality of Monaco, with Sarah Suzani Mano, special projects, head of circulation. Talent and the National Chamber of Italian Fashion first announced with Adriano De Marty, a Mexican company, which has Deserto, the world’s first vegetarian cactus leather, as the winner of the MCFW Sustainability Award for their contribution to fashion sustainability.

CMM has respected a specific brand for its efforts in protecting the environment and has played an active role in initiating positive changes and supporting sustainability by creating environmentally friendly clothing.

Last March desserts were crowned as the winner of the VII International Green Product Award 2020 in Munich Germany, a material category that had a record participation of 1,463 products, materials and concepts for a sustainable future from over 52 countries.

With these beliefs, Vegetarian Cactus Leather, created by Adrienne López Velarde and Marte Cazarez, is established as one of the world’s most innovative and recognized materials in the field of sustainability in fashion.

Spinetta created Monte Carlo Fashion Week in 2013 as a talent incubator and platform for high quality and excellence, promoting new emerging designers from countries around the world.

“In this emergency, a series of reflections has been put in place,” Spinetta said. “From creativity to sustainability to creativity and epidemic results: fashion doesn’t stop and discuss a new chapter in your future on an interactive path.”

One of the goals of MCFW is to follow the guidelines of Prince Albert II of Monaco: to raise awareness and protect the planet by meeting sustainable and ethical standards in fashion.