Despite farmers promoting cotton at double the MSP set via way of means of the Centre and talks to deliver greater region below the crop as an opportunity to paddy, the country handiest is focused on over 4-lakh hectares of land this 12 months, 1.18 lakh (30 in keeping with cent) of which has already been sown on until Monday (May 9th). Experts trust that this goal is some distance from Punjab`s potential, claiming that nearly double the region became used to develop cotton withinside the country 3 many years ago.

 Experts stated that the price of cotton, that’s sown among mid-April and May end, became pretty excessive withinside the remaining season and farmers bought it for Rs 13,000 in keeping with quintal. However, they introduced that the assault of purple bollworm at the crop remaining 12 months is making the farmers suppose two times earlier than sowing it on greater land.

 Chief Agriculture Officer Mansa DrManjit Singh, whilst speakme to The Indian Express, stated that region below cotton of their district became 52,000 hectares remaining 12 months and a goal of 64,000 hectares has been set for this 12 months. They have already sown cotton on 30,000 hectares. Mansa is one of the eight fundamental cotton sowing districts of the country.

 “Farmers were given a totally excessive charge for cotton crop in 2021-22 however due to the assault of the purple bollworm, they couldn’t get the favored bumper crop and confronted large yield loss in a few districts of the country. That issue is making numerous farmers hesitant approximately growing the region below cotton. But still, there are farmers who’re growing the region below the crop this 12 months,” stated DrManjit.