One of the most arduous occupations is becoming an artist. Artists must continually create and promote their own material which, due to all the competition they face, can become very strenuous.Having a good artist has little to do with luck; as they come their way, they have to be prepared for opportunities.

Red Bank artist Jordan Grace Robinson has proven this by one of her designs that was chosen out of thousands of submissions, for the Rockefeller Center Flag Project.

“I can always be found painting, drawing, and experimenting with new art mediums!  When creating my flag design, I reminisced about memories from my childhood years living in Hanover Square and Christmas Eve visiting family in Brooklyn Heights.  I was also inspired by the city’s industrial landscape, the hustle and bustle of people walking around the city, and natural greenery and florals found throughout NYC.  The deep hue of brownstones was my inspiration for the color of the “NYC” type.  The “N” structure was to pay homage to The Twin Towers.  The flowers symbolize how NYC will always thrive and come back stronger each year– to bloom even more vibrant than the year before!” said Robinson in her submission statement for the Rockefeller Center Flag Project.