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Delta Galil Industries To Be Partnered With Sonovia For The Installation Of Ultrasonic Fabric-Finishing Applicator

Published: June 4, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

The Tal Aviv- headquarters manufacturer, Delta Galil Industries, who is also the marketer of branded and private label apparel products has announced its new strategic partnership with Sonovia. Sonovia and its machinery manufacturing partner Bruckner will install an ultrasonic finishing applicator at Delta Galil’s center, which is in Karmeil, Israel.

This finishing applicator will offer the application of eco-responsible fabric finishes such as antimicrobial protection, anti-odor protection, water repellency, and other finishes which will lead to benefits to the global brands.

The company’s partnership with Delta Galil constitutes a significant landmark in Sonovia’s path to commercialising its technology.

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