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Debt Quality Index: April 2023

Published: May 23, 2023

The CareEdge Debt Quality Index (CDQI) has seen a rising trend since November 2021. The index further inched
upwards to 93.48 in April 2023 as compared to 93.45 in March 2023 on account of higher value of rated debt in
the investment grade rating categories.

About the CDQI Index
CareEdge Debt Quality Index (CDQI) denotes the quality of debt that can be interpreted over time and juxtaposed
with other developments in the financial sector. The CDQI captures, on a scale of 100 (index value for the base
year FY12), whether the quality of debt is improving or declining. Intuitively an upward movement indicates an
improvement in the quality of debt benchmarked against the base year. As it is contemporary with minimum time
lags, the health of the debt and credit markets is encapsulated on a near-real-time basis.
The dataset comprises 1,682 companies from our portfolio of 2,980 companies as of March 2012. The dataset is
revisited at regular intervals and is replaced suitably with a new set of companies with a similar rating and an
approximate volume of outstanding debt rated in case an entity ceases to have a rating coverage. Currently, the
volume of debt of the sample companies stands at Rs 48 lakh crore in April 2023.

For detailed methodology see:

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