Danti Paolo, Italy, is a leading manufacturer of textile finishing machines. Backed by a vast experience of over 80 years, Danti Paolo manufactures state-of-the-art brush/sueding machines, raising machines, shearing machines, and polishing machines. A.T.E. has been representing Danti Paolo in India since 2016 to provide
the latest technology textile finishing machines to the Indian textile industry.
Danti Paolo machines are manufactured using high quality components like electronics from Siemens, bearings from SKF and first quality steel.
Peaching effect The peaching effect is basically a surface abrasion that gives the fabric a touch and feel similar to the skin of a peach: a soft hairy feeling, but without any hair. Peaching has become a popular trend for various types of fabrics such as for clothing, technical textiles, and upholstery. The process of abrading the fabric surface to
obtain the peaching effect is mainly done by two types of tools:
 Emery: Normal emery (replaced by diamond emery in the last 10 years) removes a layer of fabric, attaching all those fibres present at the same level. It is used for heavier peach effect.
 Abrasive brushes: Available in carbon, ceramic and other abrasive materials, these brushes give a softer effect and a more delicate peaching look. Because of the different characteristics of these processing tools, most of the machinery manufacturers offer
two different kinds of machines: one machine using only emery rollers and the other machine using only abrasive brushes.

Brush/sueding machine S1000NM
Danti Paolo started manufacturing emery machines in the early ‘70s and towards the end of the ‘90s they also introduced abrasive brush-based finishing machines. Through continuous improvements and developments in the machine/technology, the company introduced the latest model S1000NM brush/sueding machine, combining diamond emery roller and abrasive brush. This machine was developed based on customer
feedback and hence is perfectly designed to meet all customer requirements. Some of the issues faced in the conventional machines such loss of tear strength, colour shade variation, and pilling effect are squarely addressed in this machine, leading to high quality output.

 6 independent units, composed of:
o Abrasive brush or diamond emery roller, independently driven by inverter
o Approaching roller to set the contact of the fabric with the abrasive brush or                   diamond  emery roller
o Individual dust suction box for effective removal of dust
o 4 dancing rollers/load cells for a perfect control of the fabric tension in every point         of the machine.
o 6 positions of the brushes are interchangeable as per the customer requirement.

▪ Inspection platform to check the fabric before rolling on A-frame
▪ Remote troubleshooting by smartphone

 High flexibility due to 6 independent units that can be controlled separately and              equipped with abrasive brushes and diamond emery rollers
 High productivity due to more efficient use of the brushes or of the diamond emery          rollers
 High quality as a result of constant control of the fabric tension in every point of the machine
 Reliability due to high quality electronics and troubleshooting by smartphone
 Possibility to process one or both faces of the fabric in one passage of the fabric from      the machine
 Simple operation
 Easy to troubleshoot
 One single machine, instead of two different machines
 High efficiency


The fabric passage of the machine

Many Danti Paolo Brush/sueding machines S1000NM are already installed and working satisfactorily at the following mills in India:

 Aarti International, Ludhiana
 BKS Textiles, Erode
 Dashmesh Weaving and Dyeing Mills, Ludhiana
 Kudu Knit Process -Ludhiana
 Ginza Industries, Surat
 Shiva Texyarn, Coimbatore
 PC Color Soft Fabrics, Kolkata

With numerous benefits, the Danti Paolo brush/sueding machine S1000NM is rapidly gaining wide acceptability with many customers are switching to this latest technology machine.