New Delhi, 30th December 2020: Crossword Public Relations a 360-degree Marketing and Public Relations Company with a global presence is going to end this year by adding 25 new clients in December during COVID-19. Crossword Public Relations is the fastest-growing company in the PR industry and enhances brand value from Startups to Corporate. They believe in creating value for their clients to give them quality work. With an extensive network of more than 250 cities in India and 10 plus countries around the globe, Crossword is recognized as a communication hub in national and international markets. A 360-degree marketing & communications company with expertise in press and media management gives insightful solutions to their clients via a range of cohesive services and commitment towards creativity and quality.

Crossword Public Relations constructs, communicates and cultivates core concept, build an image in the minds of the audience, the way they want it to be. During this pandemic, they have gone through tough and crucial times but still have done it and added 25 new clients to their bucket list ending the year 2020 on a good note. They changed their approach and process quickly during the pandemic and structured new models of engagement and made their onboarding process hassle-free. They created case studies for different categories of clients, which they used effectively to showcase their capabilities and execution process to all their new prospects. The outcome is reflective of all this. They also focused on targeting businesses that had grown during the lockdown.

As an organization it was a very critical time to re-evaluate their strategies. What followed was a very thought out approach which helped them to clock month on month growth even during this crisis time, and with the current run rate of recurring income but still, they have confident of registering a double-digit growth this financial year. They followed an approach of hyper-connectivity with all their clients even the ones who had taken a break. They asked their client servicing team to be in constant touch with their lost clients throughout and keep them informed on how their industry peers are building their communication during this time. This process helped them to bring back some old clients who had taken an interim break.

Rajnish Jain, Founder of Crossword Public Relations said“We saw a knee-jerk reaction from some of our clients especially from those clients who were severely impacted due to the pandemic. Many clients negotiated with us for a reduction of fee and some suspended their ongoing retainer too. All this immediately impacted our top-line but recently in December 2020, we have added 25 new clients. With the grace of God, we have done it all together and now we are looking forward to taking it up to the next level.”

Crossword Public Relations ending this year on a good note by winning 25 new clients in the month of December 2020

About Crossword Public Relations

Crossword Public Relations is the fastest growing service provider in the public relations and event management industry. Our commitment is based on quality and creativity. At Crossword, we specialize in offering a gamut of services in the domains of lifestyle, fashion, health, entertainment, and education sectors. With an unparalleled network spread in more than 250 cities in India and 10 plus countries around the globe, Crossword is recognized as a communication hub in national and international markets. We are valued for our domain expertise, energetic teams, and value-driven projects or campaigns.