Views of Mr. Girdhar Mundra from  Madhusudan Group, Surat.

For Business, next few months will be very crucial. The political scenario in the world will be  totally change. Europe and America will not in favour of doing business with China for next few months if  they find good substitute.

India will have great opportunity to fill that gap.

But India shall have many challenges.

* Scale, volume of production

* Finance to go at that scale

* Technology

* Quality assurance and consistency of products – Goods.

*Work Efficiency

*Local Mindset

* Country and product wise marketing set-up.

* Logistics


*To scale up the production, product wise  vertical cluster  is required.

*Finance – Against overseas orders – Bill discounting is possible.

* For vertical cluster and finance  Government help can be taken.

* Export promotion special schemes from Government  should be available.

*Technology set up can be tied up with European and American with the  Government support.

* If we can unite product and cluster , we can rule the Business world.

If we are not able to fill the gap of China in few months, people will turn back to China for Business forgetting all past.