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This Ajrakh printed jacket is ahead of the curve

Published: August 7, 2020
Author: Priyanka

Face masks are an essential item during this difficult period. Designer masks accompanied with embroidery and different design elements are being celebrated. By contrast, here comes a functional clothing with mask included in the garment itself.

CoVest, a smart jacket designed by Somesh Singh, former professor at the National Institute of Design and co founder of Craft Village, in collaboration with National Awardee Craftsman, Abdul Jabbar Khatri, from Gujarat. The latter is also a World Crafts Council and UNESCO award winner.

As interaction among people in the public spaces is increasing, social distancing is getting difficult in tight packed areas. By taking safety precautions, we can break the chain of infection and help people with low immunity.

Best of both worlds

This jacket is designed, keeping in mind, not just the guidelines for virus prevention, but also, to provide employment. To revive the craftsperson in distress. Incorporating handloom fabric and crafts will improve the livelihood for people engaged in the traditional textile sector, the second largest employer in our country.



Features of CoVest

  • Block printing design integrated known as Ajrakh print from Kutch, Gujarat.
  • Has attached thermometer which displays body temperature.
  • Proximity sensor helps measure a physical distance of 2 meters, sounds an alarm if someone invades that boundary.
  • Dry UV lamp (260 nanometres) for sanitization option in pockets to keep watch, sunglasses, wallets, car keys and handkerchief germ free. Works only when flap button is closed. It is lined with absorbing materials to ensure the radiation does not come in contact with the body.

  • The viral shield helps in ensuring that the fabric is free from the infection, and the fragrance finish helps reduce stress through aromatherapy.
  • Protective face mask built inside the collar. A four-layer mask, prepared with woven and non-woven materials.
  • Powered by batteries, which remains embedded in the garment. Buttons act as switches and seams that act as circuits. Tempering with the seams will break the circuit.

Warranty period of 3 months to a year. Initial prototype was made using cement fabric with a leather look, the final product uses Ajrakh printed fabric. Approximately, 30 artisans are now engaged in preparing the product, which costs more than Rs 4,999.

Moreover, it has future use after the pandemic. It can aid those who need navigation support and help the visually impaired.

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