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Skywalk collaborated with Polygiene to treat face mask

Published: July 23, 2020
Author: munimji

Skywalk International, an Indian manufacturer, and distributor of textiles have collaborated with Polygiene, a Swedish technology company to treat textiles and face masks with Polygiene ViralOff.

“Polygiene is a tested and trusted brand and a world leader for antiviral treatments on fabrics. People are getting aware and more conscious about keeping safe from viruses and Polygiene has come out with solutions to eliminate viruses as well as to reduce transmission of viruses from textile contact,” Yasser Iqbal, marketing manager for Skywalk, said in a press release.

The skywalk is a rapid responder to the need for antivirally treated facemasks, with distribution via their own e-commerce site. The company will also provide cotton fabric and polyester coated fabrics, treated with ViralOff.

Concerns over viruses also lead to excessive washing and premature discarding of facemasks and clothes. With ViralOff the product will instead reduce viruses to only a fraction of a percent in just two hours, essentially being a perpetually self-cleaning product in relation to viruses and bacteria. This reduces environmental footprints significantly.

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