As new ideas for a decarbonized economy flourish during COP26 talks, savvy businesses are turning to innovative tech-driven solutions to gain a better understanding of their extended supply chains to help mitigate risks and uncover opportunities to incentivize low-carbon and carbon-free frameworks.

To help support sustainable and environmentally conscious growth across the complex world of supply chains, global trade B2B platform Serai has announced its continued investment into shaping its new Visibility solution to help companies gain a holistic view of the business the environment in which they operate. This commitment is a testament to Serai’s vision of simplifying global trade in an efficient yet simple way, with the added bonus of helping businesses reduce their environmental impact across the supply chain. According to Salah McDonagh Kelly, Head of Product for Supply Chain Solutions at Serai, having full visibility into your supply chain is a crucial component of responsible manufacturing. & quot; The days of simply knowing the names of the companies engaged in the production process are long gone. Buyers today want to work with suppliers who are open about their business operations so that they may have confidence in a supplier’s ability to fulfill orders. Having visibility into external factors that can have a dire impact on operations, such as financial instability and the ability to operate in unusual conditions like COVID-19, will give businesses a huge competitive advantage.” With Serai Visibility, business leaders can now log into one platform to:

● make timely and informed decisions on their supply chain;
● access business intelligence with real-time alerts powered by Coface and Dun & Bradstreet; and
● understand, assess, and mitigate risks to the supply chain from natural disasters and COVID-19.
Since its launch in 2020, Serai’s supply chain solutions are growing from strength to strength, and used by leading apparel and textile operators such as Lever Style, who are trusted suppliers to a wide range of notable fashion brands including Coach, Rag & Bone, and Stitch Fix and have embraced Serai’s Visibility and Traceability solutions. “Having such a diverse international clientele, ensuring our products are sustainably-produced and of high product quality are important to us. To do this, we need transparency in our global supply chain. With hundreds of manufacturing and supplier relationships spanning Asia and clients worldwide, this was not an easy task to manage. Serai had a ready-built solution that was able to empower us with data for visibility at every stage of our supply chain. This has resulted in improved overall clarity, efficiency, and trust with our partners,” says Stanley Szeto, Executive Chairman of Lever Style. Lindsey Hermes, Head of Enterprise Solutions at Serai adds, “The resilience and sustainability of our supply chains are key drivers of the global economy. It’s already a no-brainer when it comes to using the power of technology to gain a competitive advantage in streamlining operations across the supply chain – the untapped potential here is using the same platform to identify ways to reduce our environmental impact.“Serai’s new Visibility solution will be able to help companies increase efficiencies and take
action when it comes to compliance and accountability. It’s a must-have to assist cooperation and traceability throughout the extended supply chain.”