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Retargeting conversions on gaming apps skyrocket by over 500 per cent in India amid COVID-19, indicates AppsFlyer

Published: July 27, 2020
  • The COVID-19’s impact propels retargeting growth at scale across verticals in India; marketers rely on retargeting as a key part of their mix
  • APAC region along with US turn out to be savvier markets in the use of owned media to re-engage existing users
  • Retargeting has shown resilience amid COVID-19 as marketers recognize the importance in pushing aggressive user engagement and retargeting

Bengaluru, July 27th 2020-   AppsFlyer, the global attribution leader,  today released its retargeting report; The State of App Retargeting 2020 Edition, highlighting the scale and potential of app retargeting adoption rates across the globe. The report reveals compelling industry insights on how retargeting is emerging as a reliable approach to re-engage with customers to drive app retention.

While industry-wide retargeting adoption rate saw a 10 per cent increase between 2019 and 2020, the APAC region registered the highest average share of retargeting conversions among all global markets. Further retargeting efforts have deepened with 32 per cent of apps seeing over 50 per cent of all conversions attributed to retargeting campaigns.

The impact during COVID-19 period on app retargeting:

The State of App Retargeting: 2020 report brought to light the key developments related to COVID-19. It analysed the impact of the pandemic on app retargeting by factoring in two different time frames: a year-over-year comparison of January and February 2018-2020 prior to the outbreak and lockdown, and pre- COVID-19 data from the end of February through April 2020

“M-commerce has grown significantly over the years. The India story is no different and marketers vested interest in retargeting makes it a superlative tool. Retargeting has proven to be a reliable engagement tactic for app marketers, surpassing even user-acquisition in growth. APAC is leading the way to this adoption with a 36.4 per cent average share in the global pie of retargeting conversions, whereas, India has shown a clear advantage in verticals such as – Gaming, Finance, Entertainment where retargeting campaigns have dominated in the markets using it. Without a doubt, retargeting has proven to be an effective tool for marketers that enjoy the benefits of further driving better retention and revenue, while taking advantage of the opportunity for sustained growth.” said Sanjay Trisal, Country Manager, AppsFlyer India.

App retargeting: Key findings for APAC & India      

  • Except for Hardcore games in India, gaming marketers that run retargeting campaigns see higher retention rates across most markets
  • In India, retention is 3x higher for finance apps running retargeting in Week 8 compared with those that don’t
  • 72% of Shopping apps run retargeting campaigns in APAC; 65% of their marketing conversions are retargeting conversions
  • Several verticals in India demonstrate the advantages to re-attribution campaigns with respect to paying users: they deliver an 86 per cent higher share in Shopping, a 40 per cent higher share in Food & Drinks, and a 41 per cent higher share in Health and Fitness resp.
  • Hardcore games (strategy and role playing) running retargeting saw a dramatic 200 per cent uplift in ARPPU (Average Revenue Per User)

APAC region saw marketers in almost all verticals increased their budgets in 2020 to re-engage valuable existing users. Among shopping apps, the longer app marketers wait to start retargeting, the better: the data points to a 15 per cent uplift from users retargeted after 120 days. With gaming apps, there marketers should consider the 60 and 90 days, when ARPPU uplift from retargeting reaches 91 per cent.

Globally, the report highlighted that about 35% of conversions are driven by retargeting while 65% are the result of UA(User Acquisition) campaigns. Overall figures for retargeting adoption are mainly driven by gaming, which is by the far the largest vertical.

View the full version of the latest AppsFlyer Retargeting report 2020 edition-

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