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Local is luxury

Published: September 29, 2020
Author: SAA-C02 PDF Dumps

Vocal for local is a concept which dates long back to the swadeshi movement, or in a way we can say a modern swadeshi movement or a swadeshi movement 2.0 in the millennial language,

Ice all know how our GDP has worsened and at this time to grow back India needs Indians. We have to support our GDP for our Growth.

Grow together

And also, this will become a very nice opportunity for customers to realise that Indian products are at par or better than the imported expensive ones.

And for Growing Indian brands, it will become a very good opportunity to capture the market right now.

Once that we start buying from India, the money stays in India only which directly will mean that it grows our Country’s GDP.

Vocal for local,

While the global lockdown has encouraged a rethink over how we do, create, and consume, it has also left small businesses, which foster a spirit of community and creativity.

Why should you go local? 

Since the time this pandemic has started, it made us realize a lot of things such as Firstly it made us use all the products we never did and chose international counterparts for the same. We did realize how better they are.

When this whole situation started we all definitely thought about what could we as Humans done on the earth to get this. KARMA.

and we all do, certainly do know the answer to that one question.

“Never caring about what we take from the earth and what we give back? How do we give it back? How much damage have we done? “

One thing that came loud and bold is the term “SUSTAINABILITY”

Reducing the carbon footprint.

What is a Carbon footprint? 

The carbon footprint is Basically the amount of CO2, which is emitted by consuming the fossil fuels, needless to say as low as the carbon footprint is, that better the product is for Earth.

Still why and how will it affect the current scenario?

Then, The products will be in smaller batches and can be crafted to your needs, there is absolutely no space for creating a 1000 shirts and then letting 400 of them go the bin. The brands can craft that one shirt according to your needs.

The employment of the community and local areas will be good. As people will be hired from the local places as well. There’s way greater interaction between the brands and the customer. You can understand that if you like the brand ethics and beliefs. Many at times when we order we have no idea about what the brand is and what are brand beliefs and if they match yours.

also, one big difference can be seen in the costing as the costings of exporting and importing get off you can also save up a bit and better quality.

In times of crisis, this local has fulfilled our demand, this local has saved us. Local is not just the need, it is our responsibility also” The PM had said while addressing the nation on 12th May 2020.

The prime Minister also added, “Free India should have a mindset of ” ATMA NIBHARTA” (“self-reliant”).

Indians and India have always been about naturals and sustainability remember when your old clothes were given to your siblings or Vice the versa or those Skin grandma hacks of besan and curd. even for that matter when your mother collects all the clothes and then exchanges vessels for those all these are very sustainable practices. In fact, India is ranked as one of the best countries to have sustainable practices.

Once you start Buying your local, the currency will and GDP of our country will directly be affected and in a positive manner as the currency of India will circulate in India itself and will not go outside which will help our development and economy.

Some local MADE IN INDIA Brands:

Patanjali Ayurved Limited, founded by Ramdev Baba, it aims to produce made in India products which are sustainable as well with a lot fewer chemicals.

Fabindia, it is more like a high-end departmental store that aims at reviving Indian crafts and hands crafts.

As well as sustainable.

Khadi Naturals It aims to provide a better chemical-free herbal and plant-based products and encourages Indian plants handicrafts and etc.

India’s biggest strength is the diversity and cultures, also its People. 

India needs us. 

Go local and support the one who needs it! 

Buy Local! 

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