Wool Research Association (WRA), Thane; Linked to Ministry Of Textiles, Govt. Of India  has designed a cost effective full-body sanitizing cum disinfection chamber. This walkthrough chamber is designed for personnel decontamination, one person at a time and can disinfect as much as 650 personnel  in one fill. This portable system is equipped with sanitizers and soap dispenser.

The person, to be decontaminated has to start disinfection process using a foot pedal at the entry. Upon entering, pump creates a disinfectant mist of the sodium hypo chloride for disinfecting for 25 sec which is calibrated and precisely controlled by electric pulses.

The system has been developed  with the help of  M/s I Friz (i) Pvt. Ltd, Navi Mumbai and can be used for the disinfection of personnel in the areas; such as entry and exit to hospitals, malls, office buildings, mandis and critical installations etc.

Author : 

Project Investigator Mr. Shishir Tyagi, Scientist, WRA, has developed this system under supervision of Mr. K.K.Misra, COO, WRA. Wool Research Association (WRA) is also exploring innovative usage of system by  incorporation of system in police van apart from general application.

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