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California Textile adds reusable face mask to product line

Published: May 20, 2020

California Textile Group, a top American textile company and fabric provider, has announced that they have added wholesale reusable face mask to its product line-up. The face masks can be customised according to the customer’s own design, pattern or logo in custom colours. These face masks are made in USA with 100 per cent cotton or cotton spandex. The fabric in stock are black and white and they carry PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric ready to be garment dyed.

Since 1988, California Textile Group has provided their expertise in both fabric and garment production. They supply textile for fashion, dance, athletic, medical, industrial and more. They have fabric that are used for hospital gown, custom face mask, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) which they can apply special antimicrobial finishing for added protection. Very recently they have boosted mass production of custom face mask in response to Covid-19 pandemic. “Due to high demand, we can manufacture 350,000 pieces a week of face mask in any content, stitch and finishing you require. We have the fabric in stock ready to cut for your requirement. The idea is to offer a basic everyday mask with comfort and function in mind. We also offer antimicrobial face masks with the added protection against odour, discolouration, and bacteria growth,” Bobby Omrany, CEO at California Textile Group, said in a press release. The custom face mask is not intended for use in a medical or hospital setting but for the general protection in public. They are following the face covering guidelines issued by Kaiser Permanente that recommends the use of 100 per cent cotton or cotton blend fabrics. The weight of fabric ranges from 6 oz to 8 oz and used in double layers. This ensures that the material being used is not flimsy and will act as a barrier against bacteria and/or virus. The masks must also be used in conjunction with social distancing guidelines.

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