Coronavirus was such an unexpected hit to the world and has caused so many countries to fall in the steepest economy downturn. Even the most well developed, high technology countries in terms of medical condition have faced an undue amount of pressure and tensions. This pandemic has impacted in various ways such as losing incomes, disrupted global supply chains and reduced demands, healthcare remains at the epicenter of this unpredictable situation.

  • There has been a pressure on the already limited resources, and thus has caused shortages. There have been huge demands in personal protective equipment (PPE). As the supply chains has been disrupted due to this pandemic, it has made imports difficult for countries.
  • There has been a huge number of people who have been affected due to coronavirus, it has made it difficult for the hospitals to manage and accommodate the patients along with take care of the staff too.
  • An increase in the queries of the insurance policy holders and due to the pandemic, most of the employees working from home, led to a huge confusion and lack of knowledge. The insurers were not able to convey all the necessary information to the insurance holders.
  • It has led the world to an economy slowdown.
  • The long-standing challenges that even the most-developed healthcare systems in the world are striving to overcome.


  • Even though the hospitals are going through a lot and facing safety concerns and there has been lack of beds too, this pandemic has opened a Pandora’s box for the healthcare industry.
  • Agility, reliability and scalability of operations are the need of the hour.
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and robotic process automation are the emerging technologies which can help in synthesizing qualitative information from the bulk of data generated by the healthcare sector.

Change is the only constant, and adapting to the change is the way forward. In a short span of time, building resilience and adaption of changes will help boost the connected health technologies and push healthcare organisations to deliver essential and innovative solutions faster.