The Uttar Pradesh government is working to revive Kanpur’s industrial attractiveness, popularly known as the “Manchester of the East.” The 235-acre Ramaipur hamlet near Kanpur would be the site of the huge leather park project. The park initiative aims to re-establish Kanpur as a textile and leather city. The Mega Leather Cluster Project will provide direct work for 50,000 individuals at the park, as well as indirect employment for 150,000 more.
At Kanpur’s Mega Leather Park, more than 150 tanneries will be active. The park’s goal is to assist the production of high-quality leather shoes, handbags, and jackets. In three years, the Yogi government has received 23 ideas for industrial development in Kanpur, both urban and rural. When these projects totaling around 4,000 crore are completed, approximately 7,000 people will be employed.
Textile plants have been established in Kanpur by RP Polypacks and Kanpur Plastics Limited. In Kanpur, the government is likewise striving to establish non-polluting enterprises in multi-story structures. A comprehensive explanation regarding the status of the initiatives that are currently in process. According to the report, the government is striving to create a lot of new employment for individuals living in rural regions.
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