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Cotton / Textiles v/s artificial textile names: PP non -woven

Published: August 20, 2019

Cotton had been and mostly has been always in short supplies as against demand and to fill the gape, the government of INDIA subsidized manufacturing of technical textile and PP non-woven came up fast to fill the gape for the carry / shopping bags, curtains / many of the hospital applications like use and throw bedsheets, liners for clothes, outer packaging of Suits and sarees and many such applications BUT very close to textiles.

Centralized Control for the knowledge sharing on use of plastics: A SERIOUS NEED OF THE TIME.

We see at various state and municipal corporation levels, at NGO levels, people trying too initiate various ‘BAN’ on plastics, After Assembly elections and after trying to spit on Government, nothing more is left to some, to do now.

Raipur of CG a recent example: They say “White / colored, CHINESE NON-WOVEN bags” to Non-woven carry / shopping bags! They think such bags are dangerous and They have named such PP bags as ‘CHINESE’!   Paucity of proper Education on plastics and dangerous plastics is a serious issue in some places [ Not in Delhi/Mumbai/ Ahmedabad/ Bangalore…..] The so-called environmentalists are now mushrooming all over and check their basic Degree of education. This is dangerous and not plastic.

The article in New paper says:  It is plastic Carry Bag, made of polypropylene. NON-WOVEN made such bags are made from substances are harmful to Humans/insects-animals and trees/plants! Further the newspaper says that:  The matter released While making and while de-composing and burning, cause pollution which further can cause cancer/ Asthma and skin disease. As also they say: To keep food items in the printed carry bags can cause bad effect on health. GOD SAVE THIS COUNTRY.  This is why I am mentioning ‘EDUCATION”. How come PP bag is harmful? It is not harmful when manufactured or use or re-cycled.  PP Spunbond non-woven fabric making was getting government Subsidy because we cannot make cotton enough for all the cloths/ curtains/bed-sheets for all in INDIA. It can be used for many times and then can be fully re-cycled. It is made up of PP+CaCO3 and masterbatch for color which is also plastic +CaCO3. Do the person/ s writing in newspapers are aware of this?

Now it is up to the Central Government to take over and have Intelligent and nicely educated people to take over this Packaging issue seriously and STOP All sorts of Banning before some economically viable alternate is offered to the Nation. There are options to re-cycle plastic and it can be re-cycled ‘n; number of times with addition of virgin plastic each time. Why some so-called environmentalists are allowed to mid-lead people at large, just to run their Anti-national shop?

No country can do away without plastic/s. It is not harmful for such usages. And remember ban on Gutkha pack ban? Because the poor small pack was made up of LD/LLD+ Metalized BOPP/BOPET + Reversed printed BOPP/BOPET? Which cannot be re-cycled practically.  So how about Namkeen-Bhujiya and thousands of such other packs?  Why Gutkha was not banned when it was harmful? This is INDIA.  Education is the cause everywhere.

We are highly technical & professional Consultants, assisting to set up new projects.

And plastic ban? MY FOOT.  Check everywhere in the country still.  Less than 15 mm carry bags are still too common courtesy Corrupt officers and anti-national manufacturers everywhere.  And it is the people of INDIA who need cheaper things at even cost of the Nation.  Again, the root cause is Education.  Forget schools now, JUST adult human units cannot accept or digest costlier packaging or carry media, so no need to go to school to teach such things. The solution is getting something reasonably economical media to pack and carry things in to, THENAFTER BAN Anything. And first of all, instruct all the so-called environmentalists and NGOs not to pock their illiterate nose in to such National Issues.

PP non-woven has assisted to fill the huge gape on cotton. It is replacing many applications of cotton but it cannot be a threat in INDIA courtesy some such self-styled environmentalists and their readers in Rural or semi-rural sectors in the country.  And so this is for the cotton textile manufacturers to cheer for. Terming PP as plastic shall keep on coming up like this at some or the other places in the country for some to run their shops and bans shall keep on applying to such USEFUL and non-harmful plastic, frequently.

Kamal Shah  [email protected]

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