Fact MR’s Textile Dyes Market analysis analyses leading segments based on dye type, fibre, and region. The study’s goal is to inform businesses about major trends driving consumer behaviour patterns. It also provides tips to assist people in making educated decisions and navigating unexpected hurdles. Fact.MR has revealed the most recent information on the global textile dyes market projections.
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MR on the Global textile dyes market forecasts a valuation exceeding US$ 8 billion by 2031. Manufacturers are expected to primarily focus on Asian markets, with prominent countries such as India and China emerging as lucrative growth hubs. The study identifies leading segments in terms of Dye type, Fiber, and Region. It also offers recommendations to help them make informed decisions and navigate through unforeseen challenges.
India’s textile industry contributed 7% to industry output in FY 2018-19, with an expected valuation of over US$ 23 billion by 2027. China’s chemical fiber production exceeded 50 million tons, comprising over 66% of global production. The U.S. likely to register heightened textile dye sales, reaching almost US$ 700 million in 2021.
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