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Cotton Trade Eyes On imports From Australia

Published: May 19, 2023

According to a segment of the cotton trade, India has reached its 51,000-tonne duty-free import cap of Australian cotton for 2023. However, if prices are at the proper level, there may be room for more imports.

To reestablish contact with cotton players in this country, a four-person delegation from the Australian Cotton Shippers Association is travelling to textile hubs in India, including Coimbatore.

Apart from the 51,000-tonne limit for 2023, Cliff White, a member of the group, claimed that India imports a little quantity with tariff. “There is room for more imports if the Indian cotton crop is small,” he said.

The unique characteristics of Australian cotton fibre have potential for increased profits, according to Nishanth A. Asher, secretary of the Indian Cotton Federation. imports as long as the costs are reasonable.

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