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Brucker Partners With Co2 Neutral Textile Finishing

Published: March 13, 2023

The ambitious goal of introducing a CO2-neutral and recyclable floor covering to the market has motivated the Dutch floor covering manufacturer INTERCARPET to make a very sizable investment. Nonetheless, the development’s main objective in terms of environmental norms was not its exclusive focus. The final product should also outperform any carpet made conventionally in terms of quality, weight, comfort, maintenance, and cleaning abilities.

A significant provider of textile floor coverings in the midrange and upper market sectors is INTERCARPET. Woven carpets, tufted carpets, knitted goods, and artificial grass coverings are produced at two facilities in the Netherlands for exportation around the world. In addition to the standard carpet qualities produced of all major synthetic fibres, the best quality woolVirgin wool can also yield products of high quality. A truth that has been repeatedly contested in numerous audits over the years is that INTERCARPET has always been a pioneer in terms of lowering the burden on nature and the environment. At INTERCARPET, waste management and energy efficiency are more than just trendy terms.

The world leader in textile dry finishing and medium-sized, owner-managed engineering firm BRÜCKNER Textile Technologies is honoured to have been chosen as a project partner. A stenter with a non-lubricating ball bearing chain and a DUO-THERM heat treatment oven are included in the delivery from BRÜCKNER. The oven’s unique characteristic is that it is entirely heated by electricity. With its expertise in electric heating, BRÜCKNER contributes significantly to the development of a CO2impartial future. For the first time, a CO2 neutral manufacture of tufted carpets is now possible thanks to the oven’s use of green electricity. Energy-efficient motors are installed in every electrical consumer, including fan drives, exhaust air fans, and drives for the fabric transport system. Due to its low rolling friction, the horizontal ball bearing chain also guarantees the lowest drive power.

For its thermal treatment and drying lines, BRÜCKNER now provides all popular heating systems. This covers direct or indirect gas heating, thermal oil heating, low- and high-pressure steam heating, the aforementioned electric heating, as well as combinations such as, for instance, steam heating with supplementary electric heating. BRÜCKNER designs lines for the textile finishing sector with more than 400 employees. the creation of nonwoven products or industrial textiles for use in geotextiles, automotive textiles, advertising banners, event tents, and road construction.

The expanded product lineup from INTERCARPET offers even more potential breakthroughs. In any event, the unique CO2-neutral creation of the new recyclable product is a significant step towards a greener future. This is also solid evidence that, thanks to its new production line and cutting-edge technology, INTERCARPET has already entered the future of CO2-neutral production in textile finishing.


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