The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University’s research station in Vepppanthattai has educated cotton farmers on the benefits of mechanised sowing of high-density planting systems and pesticide spraying.
The high-density method, which involves growing five to ten plants per square metre, will increase production and allow for mechanised harvesting. According to S.Somasundaram, Head of Cotton Research Station, pneumatic seed drills may be utilised efficiently for high density precision sowing.
The row spacing of the four-row configured seed drill is customizable. It is capable of sowing both cotton and corn, the region’s major crops.
Cotton growing, according to Elumalai, Deputy Director of Agriculture, must be mechanised in order to enhance the area under cultivation in the Perambalur-Ariyalur districts. Mechanical sowing and spraying will result in a 30% reduction in cotton cultivation labour.
Rajasekar, zonal Manager, UPL, Coimbatore, showed the boom spraying equipment on Tuesday during a session at the research station. He claims that the sprayer can cover an acre in 40 minutes.