Corgi, the luxury sock and knitwear company from the United Kingdom, has announced aspirations to expand globally.
The sock manufacturer has stated that it intends to boost its overseas exports to account for 70% of its trade in the coming year.
Notably, Corgi has received export assistance from the Welsh Government, including International Trade Opportunities, to assist the company in identifying potential relationships in new markets. The priority is to combat the ongoing economic catastrophe.
Corgi Socks is the manufacturer of luxury socks and knitwear in hand-knitted wool, cotton and cashmere, with the factory located in Ammanford, Wales. The firm’s exports to China account for more than 15 percent of its turnover in 3 years, which is further expected to surge going forward. Corgi also has plans to enhance its sales in South America.
The objective currently is to expand into the fast-growing markets of Brazil, Argentina, and Peru, as well as other South American markets.
Corgi’s Chris Jones, Joint Managing Director, claims that while domestic sales have fallen, overseas sales have remained solid, adding, “there’s no doubt that we would have battled to survive over these last few challenging months if it hadn’t been for our export markets.”