Freudenberg has now offered more sustainable and versatile version of its high performing microfilament textiles. Evolon RE is manufactured from an average of 70% recycled polyester, bit the company is so capable of doing wonders that it recycled post consumers PET bottles in house. It is has been made available for various applications, which does also includes high tech wiping and technical packing it is also useful for weight which ranges from 80 to 300gsm and thus the best part, it provides the same high quality as all other Evolon textile. The senior applies and thus give credit to mechanical and textile properties as well as filtration, cleaning and protection.

Evolon business segment manager Jean-Francois Kerhault says that he hold 20 year’s of experience with tha Evolon technology. And he is thankful to his technical team as they are really good expert’s in demanding process and they have a vast knowledge so they could make up the challenge of recycling PET from post consumers into products. By recycling these PET bottle the company is not only doing there benefit but also helping the environment as they doing this from tha wasted raw materials. Thus the company is reducing the burden of land filling and also replacing primary raw materials by recycled polyester. It also reduces energy consumption, thus resulting in less CO2 emissions, waste and waste water.

Manali bhanushali
Author: Manali bhanushali

Manali Bhanushali