In the traditional padding process, fabrics are impregnated with finishing liquor and squeezed out under high pressure. The residual moisture which remains on the textile needs to be dried. Especially with heavy denim fabrics, drying is an energy and cost intensive production step. You can save money and energy with sustainable, non-contact minimum application finishing. Latest News about Contact-Free Finishing with Minimum Application by Spraying

Save Money and Energy in Denim Finishing

In the conventional padding process, fabrics are impregnated with a finishing liquor and squeezed to a certain residual moisture. Afterwards, the moisture is removed from the textiles through an energy-intensive drying process. In cooperation with WEKO, the leading producer of non-contact minimum application systems, and Lilienweiß GmbH, a German service and finishing company for denim and garments, we have developed an energy efficient and gentle production process for the finishing of denim yard goods, with which you can save money.

By using the WEKO Fluid Application System (WFA) you can finish textiles with an exactly dosed, non-contact method, thus considerably reducing your production costs. Instead of a liquor pick-up of 60 to 100 % in the padding process, the WFA process applies only 15 to 30 % of liquor to the fabric. With this sustainable, ecological and economical process, you can save up to 60 % of textile auxiliaries and chemicals. Furthermore, you can reduce your energy costs for drying by up to 70 %.

The Advantages of the Sustainable WFA Process:

  • Optimization of the finishing process
  • Ensuring reproducible quality
  • Conserving auxiliaries and chemicals
  • Re-ducting energy expenses

Contact-Free Finishing

The WEKO Fluid Application System (WFA system) is mounted in the finishing department at the in feed or out feed of the st-enter. With the exactly dosed minimum application, drying times are reduced and production speed can be significantly increased. Furthermore, there is no squeezing required on the padder. This eliminates additional mechanical stress to the fabric.

During finishing, the liquor comes in contact with the fabric. For this reason, the WEKO liquor does not need to be drained off. It can be reused without any problems for the next production batch. The results are conserved chemicals and textile auxiliaries, reduced costs and protection of the environment.

Our Product Suggestions for Denim Finishing

We recommend the following textile auxiliaries for indigo fixation, finishing and coating, as well as tinting and over-dyeing denim yard goods with sustainable and gentle application via the WEKO Fluid Application System:

  • PERFIXAN F 5000 – Fixing agent for indigo and sulphur dyes
  • PERFIXAN PC 55 NEW – Cross-linking system for easy-care finishing
  • PERIPRET PUS – Polyurethanes dispersion for full and elastic handle
  • PERIPRET LUSTER – Finishing agent for soft, brilliant luster effects
  • PERICOAT AC 230 – Acrylate dispersion for impregnation of textiles
  • PERICOAT AC 230 plus PERICOLOR – Auxiliaries for tinting and over-dyeing


Author: Ramgsutra