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Conscious Creation by Byborre Edition8™ using wool for hotter months

Published: August 5, 2020
Author: pprvallv

BYBORRE’s Edition8™  is a versatile range of mono-materials, based on recyclability and a tailor-made approach to the casual silhouettes of the company, and the use of summer lightweight Merino wool. The item in the collection reflects the intentional production strategy of the company, with design decisions centered on the natural color of the yarns, recyclability and the organized method of Textile Development Kit.

Compact and focused, BYBORRE created Edition8™ using natural materials such as undyed Merino wool in a tonal colour scheme, with the clear intention for garments to be recycled or readily biodegrade when reaching the end of their life. Iconic BYBORRE styles have also been streamlined, both in terms of detailing as well as construction, to suit the needs of today’s increasingly casual society.

BYBORRE advanced its discovery of the possibilities of wool for hotter months in collaboration with The Woolmark Group, with committed research and development into the yarn structure and blends. For the first time, no fabrics contain fill yarns, ensuring that there is extra emphasis on intricate knit patterns, knit directions and stitch size that enable the wearer to stay relaxed and calm in summary.Within this range, the exclusive wool textiles further illustrate the True Color idea of the company by embracing the natural color of wool, removing the need for coloring and maximizing its recyclability.


The circular architecture of BYBORRE by way of mono-materiality further reinforces the purist approach to products by the mark. Blends is averted with 100 percent bits of wool or cotton, where the variations and trimmings of the cloth are both made from the same material. It is part of the ambitious search by the company to further improve the recyclability of apparel down the road.

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