Cone Denim, a global leader in denim, has partnered with Archroma as an early adopter of its One Way sustainability service as part of Cone’s continued efforts to expand sustainability solutions and innovation to customers. Cone Denim continually strives to reduce its environmental footprint and produce the most innovative, socially responsible denims.

One Way is a unique service and tool developed by Archroma that helps mills and brand owners to evaluate and quantify the environmental impact of various manufacturing inputs including chemicals, processing techniques and raw materials to determine the overall sustainability effectiveness of a product.

“Denim is unique and we are excited to participate as an early adopter to collaborate with Archroma in order to better understand and use the One Way system for effective evaluation of denim fabrics,” said Steve Maggard, senior vice-president manufacturing and operations for Cone Denim. “Over the last year, the combination of Cone’s expertise in denim production and indigo dyeing and Archroma’s broad knowledge of chemical technology and processing has led to tremendous insight in a tool that we believe will become a key resource for decreasing the environmental impact of textile treatments in finished denim products.”

“Our goal at Archroma is to continuously challenge the status quo in the deep belief that we can make our industry sustainable,” said Rainer Roesch, head of new business & projects at Archoma. “With One Way, we are striving to lead industry efforts in demonstrating that sustainability can be a key driver of innovation and performance for our customers. Cone Denim understands the importance and impact this has on the global brands it serves and has been instrumental in the successful application of the One Way tool in evaluating its denim fabrics.” (RR)

Author: Rajkap