Cone Denim, a leading denim innovator, has announced Crystal X Cone Collaboration. The collaboration with Crystal, a leader in apparel manufacturing, brings together 2 global leaders in denim to provide a new level of sustainable denim solutions and fabric offerings. Cone Denim previewed the Collection at Kingpins China City Tour trade show recently.

The Crystal X Cone Collaboration expands the sustainable denim offered as part of Cone Denim’s Sustainblue Collection and brings new capabilities to customers as part of Crystal’s Eco Blu Collection.

“These new fabrics support sustainable practices throughout the development and production lifecycle featuring responsible cotton, recycled content and environmentally friendly processing. The Crystal X Cone capsule collection offers premium denim fabrics that are uniquely engineered and designed for high performance with garment laser technology,” said Cone Denim in a press release.

“Crystal is a leader in laser technology and denim finishing and we are excited to join forces with them. The Crystal X Cone Collaboration advances the sustainability supply chain by offering denim products that are sustainable from the fabric through to the laundry,” said Steve Maggard, Cone Denim president. “Starting with recycled cotton, our Cone 3D experts have created a collection of denim fabrics that are responsibly produced and engineered for optimal laser technology finishing. Cone is committed to partnering across the industry to engage in meaningful collaborations with like-minded leaders to create authentically-inspired, environmentally-friendly denims.”

“Creating sustainable premium denim apparel starts with the fabric and Cone Denim’s heritage and innovative approach made it a perfect partner for this Collaboration. Our commitment to sustainability will lead us to work closely with our supply chain for creating more innovative solutions for our customers,” said Miles Lam, AGM of product development for Crystal. “Our laser technology has opened up new and advanced possibilities to creating beautifully designed denim which minimises the usage of water and chemicals. Starting with Cone’s sustainably designed fabric, we are able to offer the highest degree of eco-friendly denim products to our customers.” (PC)

Author: Rajkap