Soorty’s SmartCare+ collection is using Archroma’s technologies for eco-advanced colors with hygiene and protection © Soorty.

Archroma, a pioneer in color and specialty chemicals, has announced a partnership with Soorty to create the latest range of the Pakistan-based denim manufacturer integrating Eco-advanced colors with hygiene and protective technologies as part of its active involvement in the battle against COVID-19.

  • The collection will include some of the most advanced of Archroma’s technologies, innovations and systems for coloration, hygiene and protection:
  • An aniline-free indigo system, Pure Indigo Flow, based on the new Denisol Pure Indigo developed by Archroma to preserve the health of denim workers and aquatic life
  • A water-saving dyeing technology, Advanced Denim, based on innovative dyeing processes used with sulphur-based Diresul RDT blue specialties
  • An antibacterial treatment based on Sanitized technology and designed to keep the garment odour-free, fresh and germ-free

Archroma developed and selected these technologies for their compliance with the Archroma Way: secure, effective, updated, it’s our nature. The approach takes its root from Archroma’s deep conviction that the textile industry can be made sustainable, says the Swiis company. Soorty would also introduce the denim collection under the SmartCare+ brand which will include denim fabric, clothing, and, soon to come, masks. The products will shortly be tried to introduce to major denim brands and retailers, which will be made available in the coming weeks to consumers around the globe.

“With the COVID-19 crisis affecting our communities in Pakistan and around the globe, we in Soorty experience because human will need explore every possibility not only to create beautiful and fashionable denim, as we do, but also to help protect our customers and consumers,” adds Asad Soorty, Executive Director at Soorty.“Archroma presented us with exactly what we were looking for, an entire system of ingredients and processes aiming to create durable and wearable protection for clothing that are comfortable to wear and gorgeous to look at.”

“Archroma is actively supporting manufacturers such as Soorty who are interested in exploring antimicrobial and barrier products in everyday articles and fashion products,” says CEO of Archroma Pakistan. “They tremendously help us in our ambition to help create authentic and innovative denim with a soul, because it’s our nature,” he adds.