ColorMasters is a US-based flexible film packaging company. They offer the best of flexible packaging in terms of quality, efficiency, service, and price. ColorMasters, recently announced the expansion of four new blown film extrusion assets and two additional high speed printing presses.

ColorMasters Dri-Genic breathable films with the new blown film lines can be used in absorbent hygiene products. Baby diapers, adult incontinence products, protective apparel, medical apparel, and feminine hygiene products.

Microporous plastic material sold in rolls for use with diapers, clothing, sporting goods and footwear, having a breathable waterproof layer. Waterproof and breathable lining material sold in the form of film for use in the manufacturing of diapers, outerwear, clothing, footwear, and headwear.

ColorMasters printing technology with the film, meets all the requirements of leading hygiene and medical product brand owners and manufacturers, and is ready for the market.

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