In conversation with Mr. M.S. Dadu, Director of Colorjet, Digital printer manufacturer.

Product / Market / Competition

Colorjet is the first company manufacturing Digital printing machine in India. They have started digital printing in other sectors, eventually came to the Textile industry, as textile future printing technology is digital printing. Initially machine was sold only in India, so they know pulse of the Indian market & know real time issue in tough situations.  Company have Strong in technical development control system. Company also have software control system to control colour management & ink management. Colorjet machine hardware technology is also very strong, made up of Japanese technology which ensures quality and speed.

USP: In digital printing every inch/drop of ink is important, colorjet ensures no single drop got wasted while washing, get the exact color/ design as per software design shown in computer. Customer gets what they see virtually and get in reality. This saves time, money wastage & delivery time.

Colorjet gives complete solution, not just technology but pre & post treatment advice too. Running cost of machine is very important for our customer, so we give holistic advice & warranty, which gives our customer maximum productivity and satisfaction.

This commercial machine benchmarks any sampling machine. Our machine print run capacity is from 900/ day to 3000 / day.

Innovation & research is part of system, earlier we have invested 20% of our revenue to R&D, now it’s reduced to 5-6%. We are the only company in India got the “R&D approved from Department of Science and Technology by GOI in 2011”. We got 3 patented technology ie. Printing, Jet Airing core technology.

New technology in Digital printing: Pigment printing: European using this technology ie waterless technology, good result in fashion fabrics and home textile fabrics. Pigment printing is conventional way of printing but in Digital printing its comparatively new technology.

On Competition: we are at par with any European machine and in fact we compete the quality and technology with them. But our Indian mindset is different; they feel anything international is good. We work close to our customer and their feedback is important to upgrade the technology. We export our machine to Dubai, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Bahrain, many more.

Promotion: Major exhibition in World, print media, online

Price:  Rs. 38 lac to Rs.95 lac depends upon technology used. Payback period: 1.5 year single shift operation