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Coloreel Studio – product update

Published: June 12, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

New release with enhanced functionality

In our continuous strive to support designers to create sustainable and vivid fashion details we have released a new version of our free colorization software, Coloreel Studio.

The new version includes several new functionalities such as, “soft proofing” and support for multiple selection of sections for “swatches” (design features such as gradients applied to sections of the design). The “soft proofing” function helps to secure that the design is adopted for perfect production quality and ensures that designers and digitizers without access to their own Coloreel unit make great designs.

The new features are designed to enhance and simplify how designers create sustainable, vivid and colorful Coloreel embroideries. We have also integrated several embroidery type designs into Coloreel Studio so that designer with limited knowledge of embroidery design and punching can elaborate with Coloreel Studio to experience the benefits with our technology.

Main new functionalities 

  • Soft proofing
  • Preserve last Color Spectrum Selected
  • Shift + click to select multiple adjacent sections
  • Copy and Paste a swatch to multiple selected sections
  • Show instanced sections in the timeline differently from not instanced sections

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