Coloreel joins The Textile Machinery Association of Sweden TMAS and will take part in seminars, trainings, exhibitions and other events to further develop the business.

”We want to be a forerunner in the textile industry that takes charge and leads the development. We want to increase awareness and spread the word that we are here to start a  revolution. Joining TMAS will help Coloreel to further market and network in the best arenas, both in Sweden and globally,” says Magnus Hellström, VP Sales & Marketing at Coloreel.

The Textile Machinery Association of Sweden TMAS was founded in 1997 to support and promote Swedish textile machinery manufacturers. TMAS is made up of the leading Swedish companies within textile technology, automation and production processes.

“We are happy to welcome Coloreel to our industry and the TMAS association,” says TMAS Secretary General Therese Premler-Andersson. “Coloreel is making important contributions to the industry’s sustainable future with completely new technology on the market. They improve efficiency and quality and reduce waste in their production process – benefits that are in line with the expectations for the textile production of the future.”

Coloreel has started delivering Coloreel units to customers all around Europe. World-leading companies in textile, fashion and sportswear are standing in line to use the revolutionary product.