Coats, a UK-based thread pioneer and world’s leading industrial thread company, has developed the Coats ArmorenTM range of products.

A range of cut protect yarns that is engineered for protection and comfort in gloves. Providing solutions to the hand safety industry, it uses pioneering engineered yarn technology developed by Coats.

The new generation stretch fibres and high-quality core yarn coverage creates laser-fine gloves. It is comfortable and has ultimate tactile dexterity. The proprietary helical core construction provides the power of extreme cut resistance, multi-risk and arc flash protection and high contact heat resistance, even at fine knitting gauges.

Armoren Ultracut has proprietary reinforced core constructions to meet extreme laceration hazards. Armoren Ultralight has extra-soft fibres engineered, which provide yarns for laser-fine knitted gloves that offer ultimate dexterity and protection.

Armoren X13 has the latest fibre and spinning technology to provide superior cut resistance and high durability. Armoren 14 has a special fibre blend with cooling technology that wicks moisture and reduces body heat.

Coats Armoren is designed to protect against multi-risk hazards like electric arc flash, extreme contact heat, microbial infection, molten splash, chemical exposure, clean room electrostatic, and other dangers.