The Clothing Manufacturers Association of India organised its DIAMOND JUBILEE EDITION of the National Garment Fair, 75 straight Fairs in its lifetime and what a co-incidence –it is in the 75th Year of India’s Independence.

This historic Event was Inaugurated by the 5 Past Chairmen of the Fair Sub Committee of the Association since 2002 who Contributed, Sacrificed and made efforts to bring the National Garment Fair to this Level and the Executive

Director of the Association. Over 40,000 Trade Visitors have so far Visited during the first Two Days of the Fair. This is one of the most Successful Event ever organised by CMAI.

On the side lines of this historic event, CMAI has signed Two Important MoUs – with Dubai Global Connect, Dubai and with The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( SGCCI )

The MOU with Dubai Global Connect will enable the Association’s Members to avail of Special Member Benefits, including Discounts and other Incentives, and ultimately benefit from DGC’s unique Showroom Ecosystem. It also allows DGC to engage with CMAI’s 20,000 + Membership base for knowledge sharing, information exchange, and host and attend special events.

Paul Boots, head of Business Development at Dubai Global Connect, said: “ We are thrilled to be in Mumbai to sign this MOU with CMAI and are pleased The Dubai Chamber International Office- India is present for this occasion. We see great value in partnerships with global entities that recognize Dubai’s unique trade environment and the role that DGC can play to further business growth. We look forward to working with and adding value to CMAI and its Members.”

Rajesh Masand, President, CMAI, added ” This is one more Initiative taken by CMAI to further the interests of its Members. Many of our Domestic Brands are already supplying to UAE and other GCC countries – and the proposed hub at Dubai can be of immense benefit to these Members.””We are hoping to provide a very useful platform and opening to the Middle East Market through this initiative” he added.

The MOU with SGCCI is intend to further strengthen the booming Textile Market in Surat and in its activities to the Garment Sector. CMAI which is shortly opening a Regional Office in Surat will be undertaking Various activities towards the development of garmenting activities in Surat. SGCCI will be extending its full support to CMAI towards these activities. CMAI will also be undertaking to promote all the activities of SGCCI across its various Regional Offices and Members.

Mr Himanshu Bodawala, President, SGCCI stated that “ we at SGCCI are thrilled with the MOU and looking forward to continue the activities for the benefit of our respective Members.”

Underlining this sentiment, Mr Rajesh Masand, President, CMAI said “ SGCCI & CMAI have already worked together for nearly a year in the interest of our Members and I am delighted we have formalised the working with this Signing of MOU “