Currently, the fibers for most textiles either grow from the ground or come from an animal. The search for new materials is constantly expanding, the latest location being…in the ocean?

Though it sounds like something out of The Little Mermaid, the future of textiles could quite possibly be washed up on the beach.

SeaCell is an eco-friendly fabric made from seaweed. Developed by Nanonic Inc, a small percentage of the plant is mixed with cellulose, putting it in the same family as lyocell. The type of seaweed used, known as brown algae, is certified organic.

One of the biggest benefits of SeaCell is that it naturally contains ayurvedic properties that are beneficial to the skin- containing calcium and vitamin e, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties. This makes the textile particularly appealing for application where the hand of the fabric is important such as with children’s clothing and active wear.

Though the use of SeaCell is not currently very widespread, there have been a handful of designers who have experimented with it.

Christine Zillich has created an entire line using the material.

However, perhaps the most notable buzz surrounding the use of SeaCell involves athletic apparel company Lululemon. They released a line supposedly containing SeaCell, and advertised the health benefits the ingredient provides. However, accordingly to the New York Times, a lab test revealed that the garments were completely devoid of the plant. Considering that high quality materials have garnered the company a loyal following, it is an unfortunate blunder.

It also reveals an important lesson to the industry: eco-friendly practices are more important to the customer than ever.

Consumers are paying attention to small details (such as fiber content) and designers must be aware of this fact. Though unusual, the future of fashion is moving toward a place where it might just be worth a try to experiment with some seaweed. Seaweed ,the most original and simplest species, has been existed for 35 billion years no matter how harsh the environment it is. It just like the forest which protect the ocean, providing oxygen, and also being food for many species. Meanwhile, It will extremely improve our life with healthy if we can use seaweed as well as any ways of day life, even protect the earth friendly and harmless all life comes from with the power of the sea.hippocrates knew this more than 2000 years ago. the seacell – idea is based on this knowledge and if is quite simple.the natural and pure nutrients of the sea are good for our skin.

This is where the SeaCell™ innovation comes into play: The health-promoting properties of the maritime natural substance are being used by producing a unique fiber that combines cellulose with seaweed. The exceptional about SeaCell™ is how the seaweed has been permanently incorporated into the fiber, locking the effects of the marine substances into the fiber for good.


SeaCell is produced by smartfiber AG. The seaweed for SeaCell is harvested from the sparsely populated fjords of Iceland in locations where there is no waste and no pollution from ship traffic. The idea behind SeaCell™ is actually quite simple: natural, pure and effective active ingredients from the sea should give us and our skin a treat. Ecological, environmentally aware and hence up to date, SeaCell™ brings the positive achievements of nature back to men. On this basis, the idea of using natural substances to develop the SeaCell™ fiber, which is beneficial, skin protective and health-promoting, evolved. It lays the groundwork for products that modern people with demands and quality awareness expect. This is where the SeaCell™ innovation comes into play: The health-promoting properties of the maritime natural substance are being used by producing a unique fiber that combines cellulose with seaweed. The exceptional about SeaCell™ is how the seaweed has been permanently incorporated into the fiber, locking the effects of the marine substances into the fiber for good.

The SeaCell® fiber was ground from natural seaweed become less than micron granule, then add its powder into wood-cellulose NMMO solution benefit environmental protection. By way of Lyocell manufacturing process, turn into what seaweed element and cellulose form the SeaCell® fiber.

In response to the increasingly harmful impacts of our environment, and after years of intensive research, smartfiber AG has succeeded in developing SeaCell™LT, a fiber made from renewable resources. The fiber is produced exclusively from sustainable raw materials – wood and seaweed – using methods that save both energy and resources. The fiber is carbon neutral and completely biodegradable. Harvesting of the seaweed is a gentle, selective and, most importantly, sustainable process. It removes only the part of the seaweed that is able to regenerate. The seaweed is entirely untreated and all its ecological value is retained.

A patented high-tech process that guarantees long-lasting quality SeaCell™LT is produced using the Lyocell process, an innovative and eco-friendly production method. Production takes place in a closed loop with no chemicals released as waste. This meets the expectations of our industry both today and in the future. It is one reason why the European Union awarded the procedure with the 2000 European Environmental Award in the category “technology for sustainable development”. The high tech fibers are produced exclusively for smartfiber AG on modern fiber production plants at Lenzing AG in Austria. A highly specialized team of engineers and scientists supervises the production process on site. The patented process embeds the seaweed firmly within a natural cellulose fiber. As a result, the positive properties of the seaweed are permanently preserved within the fiber, even after multiple washing cycles. The production of seacell involves mixing crushed seaweed with Lyocell – a fibre derived from wood pulp. Seacell also shares Lyocell’s award-winning eco-friendly production method, which uses an energy efficient closed-loop system to reuse water and chemicals. While the final product contains just 4-5% seaweed, this organic process ensures the fibre maintains algae’s beneficial mineral and vitamin properties.


SeaCell is a luxurious silky fiber made from Seaweed and Eucalyptus fiber. SeaCell is a cellulose fiber and is non-allergenic and very soft.

Seaweed has much advantages include carbohydrate, amino acid, fat, cellulose, abundant mineral substance. Such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and vitamin A, E, C constituents, etc. They make a good effect on improve skin’s looks naturally. Lyocell possess characteristics of natural cellulose, high strength, soft touch, and moisture absorbing fast.

Seaweed has another feature is amazing adsorbed ability for metal ion. Because it contains phenolic compound possess the ability that combines with heavy metal. In manufacturing process of seaweed fiber, put silver ion into complete shaped cellulose fiber, forever embedded sterilization metal in fiber inside, this is SeaCell® Active. After washed can’t lose efficacy of antibiotic.

Active ingredients from sea to skin The unique properties of seaweed help to protect our skin against the harmful environmental influences which we are exposed to in our daily lives. The seaweed is pure and rich in essential substances such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and minerals. The substances found in seaweed help to activate cell regeneration, which in turn can help to relieve skin diseases, reduce inflammation and soothe itchiness. Its high level of antioxidants protects the skin against harmful free radicals, which damage our skin cells. The natural moisture level of the skin enables an active exchange of those beneficial substances between the fiber and the skin, providing a noticeable sense of wellbeing.

Properties of SeaCell® Pure:

  1. Cellulose characteristic make feel much soft nature.
  2. SeaCell®fiber possess higher strength and size stability, even if washing operation number above ten times can maintain inhere touch sense and efficacy.
  3. Wear comfortably; suck sweat 50% faster than cotton.
  4. Mineral and vitamin in the SeaCell®fiber can slowly release at wet environment, make skin possess health care effect.
  5. Active compound can arouse cell activation in seaweed fiber.
  6. Seaweed fiber can protect your skin avoid external environmental hurt.
  7. The process is environmental protection completely.
  8. Adapted to be used for underwear, sportswear, bed sheet, decoration, and other fabric that contact skin.

Properties of SeaCell® Active:

  1. SeaCell®Active possess all properties of original SeaCell® Pure fiber, and add 6900 mg/kg silver ion in fiber, make the fiber hold forever antibiotic characteristic.
  2. SeaCell®Active possess antibiotic, resist mildew, and avoid eczema that is first of all cellulose fiber on market.
  3. Seaweed fibers possess metal-bonding element, let silver ion exist in inside fiber, washing operation will not affect the efficacy.
  4. SeaCell®Active is effective in cure, make become non-weaving that be for a wound dressing, possess good ventilation and moisture-absorbing, can keep skin drying, avoid infection.


Adapted to be used for underwear, infant dress, cure fabric, and other fabric that contact skin.

Added value for a wide range of applications If you are looking for an environmentally sound fiber that offers maximum comfort together with benefits for both mind and body, SeaCell™LT is the natural choice. The fiber is suitable for a vast range of applications, from sport and fashion clothing, underwear and loungewear to home textiles, and combines easily with any other fiber. It adds a smooth, silky feel to any fabric, together with the comfort and care elements required from a generation with an active, health-conscious lifestyle  such as

  • Home textiles such as linens, pillows and blankets
  • Sleepwear and underwear
  • Sport clothing
  • Leisure clothing
  • Child and infant clothing


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